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Hako Ōmori ハコ大盛

Dream Customs’ first-ever 1:18 Diorama product.

The Hako Oomori ハコ大盛 is designed to light up your 1:18 model cars and make them even more pleasing to your eyes.
The word “Oomori” in Japanese means Large, which stands for the biggest Hako we have ever innovated in the Dream Customs Hako lightbox series.

Race Track Motion XL Desktop Diorama

Our popular race track design is enhanced with a Motion effect now! Taking shots of your racing diecast with our Race Track Motion XL is now even more impactful and it makes your cars come to live in the photos without even editing them. Take a victorious photo of your favourite race car crossing the finish line.

Race Track Motion XL
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