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Triple D’s Inaugural Table Sale

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Slightly about a week back, Dream Customs organized and rolled out the Triple D’s Table Sales from the 7th – 8th of October over a weekend from 1-7 pm on both days, and the turn-up for this Table Sales was stunning! We didn’t expect the huge turn-up, especially since the location was quite out of the way for some of you who came! In this first table sale we organized, we gave out over 60 parking coasters, 30 mini Daikokufuto dioramas, s-size desktop dioramas, and 2 grand prizes of LBWK Hako2.0 V1 & V2 respectively at our lucky dip. Congrats to all the winners, and thank you once again for those who came down to give us your overwhelming support at our event.

We aim to do this kind of event to bring fun, laughter, and opportunities for people to buy, sell, trade, and customize their collections. We will try to organize one event monthly or fort-monthly. Interestingly we’re probably the first to sell more loose cars than carded cars compared to all events there are currently. Even if you’re not here to buy, sell, or trade items, you can always come down to take a look at Dream Customs’ members’ personal collections and our yet-o-released product prototypes that can be found nowhere yet.

This time, we have Drifter D (Bjorn Alvarez) selling his loose cars, signing fan’s Hot Wheels, and like all famous social media influencers he was super busy taking countless photos with his followers who come all the way to meet and discuss diecasts with him! Help this poor guy clear his inventory so he can have proper space in his room, I’m sure you guys know how packed his room is by now.

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We also invited the Dew Diecast team over this time. It was their first-ever physical event, and we enjoyed conceptualizing and creating content with them. It was really nice to see how our office space transformed into a homey, vibrant community where like-minded and passionate individuals hang out, even for just a mere two days. As the Dew brothers (Vegas and Vanness) exclaimed, “We love the vibes!”

A fan from Bali actually visited the pop-up, and won an LBWK Hako 2.0 V2 Diorama lightbox and went back home with it. Congratulations Kharisma! This event also helped pave the way for future collaborations with other creators where we provide a launchpad/communal space to host and house vendors for small events.

With that, we would like to end off by saying that this was a fruitful mini-scaled event and we’re hopeful that more will be coming soon during subsequent months to come. Do let us know if you have any feedback on this event, and what we could do to make it more fun and will keep you coming back for more! Perhaps more seats, provide food? Do not hesitate to let us know, and we hope to see you in the next one. Till then, enjoy the after-movie video below!