Top 3 Best Selling Desktop Diorama 2020

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1. Daikokufuto Desktop Diorama

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Coming in first, we have our Japan Daikokufuto mat! This mat has been well received since launch. Daikokufuto is one of the most famous car park’s in Japan, and all petrol heads definitely know this car park, as it is the go to spot in Japan for car meets. So, make sure to visit this place if you haven’t!(After Covid is over) This mat comes with 42 diagonal carpark lots for you to do your car reviews or photography on it. Being a XL size mat, it has more room for you to play with in terms of photography and videography as well.

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We are also humbled as this mat can be seen in the review videos done by Lamleygroup and also Hot Kustoms as their long term display choice! This mat features 3D lookalike wheel stoppers and also japanese kanji road signs which make it more realistic when taking photos with your favourite diecasts collections. We recommend this mat to go with your JDM diecasts for ultimate realism photography/videography!

2. Japan XL Desktop Diorama

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Next up, coming in second, we have the Japan XL mat. This mat comes with a whooping 48 parking lots for you to display your sedan, JDM and supercars Diecast. This design is derived from the malls and supermarket outdoor parking in Japan. Thus, we would personally love to display some family cars to get the realism from this mat. One of the best features and selling points of this mat would definitely be the ability to join multiple pieces of it together to upsize the parking lot, from 48 to 96 parking lots!

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Show us all the varieties of diecast you can display with a whooping 96 parking lots if you combine two mats together! We will definitely be in awed when we see the display all filled up.

3. Kallang XL Desktop Diorama

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Finally, coming at third is our local Kallang XL mat. This mat is well received especially in Singapore as Singaporean just couldn’t resists this well-known local car meet-up spot, and placing their personal diecast on this mat definitely mean something to the collectors.

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This mat is also special as it can be joined with Singapore Street Desktop Diorama to form a big piece of Singapore playmat for kids, or more display space for the collectors and more real estates for photographer to play around when photoshooting. This mat is also well loved by our Japanese collectors as our japan local distributor Littlelegard has been bringing them some of our singapore local meet-up spots Desktop dioramas! So japanese collectors, you can get Dream Customs product from your local distributor Littlelegard (リトルレガート) 2 Chome-2-29 Izumicho, Mito, Ibaraki310-0026, Japan.


Hurry up add these 3 Desktop Diorama into your personal diorama collections now! Stay update to our blog posts and you might get some secret discount codes in the future posts to come. Do contact us to know the address for your country’s local distributor for cheaper shipping alternatives.


Photos courtesy of: @lamleygroup @myminicarworld @diecast_guy @hotkustoms @thinkmarcthink @driftersdiecast @the_garage_pixel