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Singapore Carpark III

Singapore Carpark III MAIN



Dream Customs is back with popular demand local desktop diorama. This time Dream Customs brings you Singapore Carpark III, a Small size(350x250mm) desktop diorama with 14 parking lots to park your favorite diecasts.




It was inspired from Singapore’s very own Toa Payoh Central Carpark which features the iconic speed humps to prevent road users from speeding in the car parks. The tiles design on each parking lots are also mimics those that water puddles, and oil stain staying on the lots for more realism photography for collectors who likes to shoot photos of their diecast and share it on social media group/pages. If you prefer a clean look of Singapore Carpark III, do stay tuned to SG Toycon FB page: https://fb.me/e/23SNqJOaO for exclusive collaboration. More information will be shared on the page soon!




In this design you’ll also note there’s Singapore iconic Reserved red lots from 8pm to 8am. Anybody ever gets summoned because you parked on this lots illegally? If you did, we’re on the same boat! P.S 8pm to 8am is a timing based on residents’ stay home time. No parking writing is also included in this version of SG Carpark. You can be all cheeky and place you diecast on this place. And no, you won’t be fine by Dream Customs, so go all creative on this desktop diorama.




New features, Loading and Unloading parking lots are included in this desktop diorama so you can include some courier diecast in it, for instance Dream Custom’s Samurai Van! Have you got your hands on them yet? If not, stay tuned to the end of this blog and you might be in for a treat! 


Dream Customs SG Carpark III is on preorder now till this Sunday 28.11.2021 2359HRS (GMT+8). And in view of you hard-core diehard fans of Dream Customs, we will be giving all blog readers 10% OFF for both SG Carpark III and Samurai Van! Link for Samurai Van: https://www.dreamcustoms.co/product/samurai-van/


Use code: SGCPSAMU for 10% OFF.  Promo code is valid till 28.11.2021 2359HRS (GMT+8). What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your hands on them now!