Rounding, 99 Bends Pre-Opening Invite

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If you’ve been to Wheelers Yard before, you’d probably know this space has been taken over by Rounding recently. Rejoice crank heads, as we have another new place to hang out! Not only is Rounding offering super delicious food, but they also offer one of the best dining experiences I’ve got to say. From the entrance, you will already be welcomed by an array of well-known car brand logos made of neon lights, many rims, a GT-R 35 bumper, and the welcoming signboard of both Rounding and 99 Bends! When you enter the cafe, you’ll be greeted with the most “car culture” vibe, from the cutlery with the spanner look, all the signed merch from various racers framed up, steering wheels, and many vehicle parts to name. Of course not forgetting a full black RX-7 FD3S. Yes, you heard it right, A WHOLE CAR DISPLAYED IN THE CAFE! (PS I think the car being displayed will change from time to time) The food they served was awesome, especially the mentaiko spaghetti (not sure if it’s on their menu). Our diecast buddies love it too!

Located at the back of the cafe is a car wash area managed by Coatconut, I heard it’s more than just the carwash they offer. 99 Bends are housed on the second floor of Rounding, and while heading upstairs you’ll be treated by the magnificent bird-eye view of the RX-7 in the cafe. When you first enter the Sim Racing cave, you’ll be greeted by a large pool table right in the middle of the space followed by 6 Sim Rigs closer to the window. We managed to get our hands on them when we took part in their time-attack race during the event, and I have to say, this is the closest you can get to the real racing experience on track! 99 Bends offers an array of packages affordable for anyone, and they offer coaching services as well if you’re interested in going pro in sim racing! Pst, you might just be the next main character in Grand Turismo.

Other than just sim racing they offer a gaming room with Nintendo Switch, and a wide selection of games for anyone too! Just the right place to bring your whole family down for a family outing! You can get a nice dinner downstairs at Rounding while getting your car washed by Coatconut, and after dining, you can head up for a game of sim racing, Nintendo Switch, or a game of pool, they have something for everyone to do! To end it off, below is a short video on the day we visited during their pre-opening last Saturday( 13 Jan 24) We will definitely be coming back to Rounding and 99 Bends for more! Also, did I mention that if you’re lucky you might be able to spot some really nice Supercars or JDMs here!

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