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Our Way Ahead: What’s Next?!

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As many of you might have noticed, Dream Customs has brought in diecast cars and models of several brands in the past few months. Brands such as the popular Mini-GT, Hong Kong’s Tiny, Inno64, Poprace and not forgetting our Singapore local diecast manufacturer Masterpiece Collectibles and SG_BC_BUS, which specializes in making 1/110 local/overseas buses.

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As we’re starting out with getting diecasts products into our catalog of products available for purchase, do bear with us as we still do not have a large number of ready-stocks available, but products are now mainly for pre-orders only. You may also notice that we are bringing in 1/64 diecasts-related figurines such as our Jersey Barrier Carton boxes, and 2 versions of Car Lifts. These will help enhance your diecast displays, and make the photos you take of your collections even more dynamic!

Dream Customs also has been collaborating with Liberty Walk on our most well-received Small Size Desktop Diorama(Liberty Walk Showroom Desktop Diorama using a bold red color in this design which is a huge contrast compared to all the other designs we have come out with thus far. This design will look great, especially with your wide range of LBWK diecasts displayed on it. Enhance it by putting it in our Henshin Hako(変身ハコ) with integrated LED lighting for ease of studio-liked lighting setup. We also work with them using our Hako2.0 and launched 2 designs Liberty Walk Hako2.0 V1 and V2. Both have been well-received by LBWK fans worldwide!

In 2023 we also noticed there’s been a rise of counterfeit brands trying to recreate our product, such as scanning our design and replicating them using bad-quality mousepads and with bad print quality. There have also been cases where there is a duplicate listing by a fake account selling our product, and in the case of when you order them, other products will arrive at your doorstep instead. We tried ordering to see what came and what came to our doorstep on 25 December will surprise you definitely. A SANTA CLAUSE HAT! We have no idea to laugh or be angry when we receive that. Therefore from mid-2023, we have come out with authenticity cards to be included in our Hako Series products and tag for our desktop p dioramas which is attached to the sleeves. Those tags and cards have Dream Customs logo holographic sticker on them, so make sure your Dream Customs products come with those when you order your products. All Dream Customs official distributors will have these attached to our products as well, so be sure to look out for them.

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So what’s in store for the year 2024?! We’re embarking on more line of products available for more collectors out there. We are in plans to make our displays available for Bear Bricks 100%, Gundam HG, and RG, and more customizable options to be included for our existing products are coming soon too! We’re on it as you’re reading this article now, working hard to bring the function of customizing our existing products onto our website and doing prototypes for new product lines! Stay tuned for these to come out by 2024!

Any Bear Bricks or Gundam Distributors that would like to collaborate or carry our product line, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] .