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Have you ever wanted to just edit photos you snap of your collections into ultra-realistic photos without editing? With our Motion Series, you no longer have to edit your photos! Taking into considerations of collectors that are not ”photoshop savvy”, we’ve come out with a solution to your editing issues. We’ve also received numerous feedbacks from our collectors that though Hako[ハコ] might be a very nice product by itself, some collectors do not have the space to keep all the designs we have came out with.

After much considerations of the responses and feedback we have collated, we decided to come out with our Motion Series in our most well-received diorama mat size, which is 350x250mm. This series comes in 6 different designs, namely C1, Metro, Race, HK, and of course our country’s very own expressway, MCE and CTE.

Now let us delve into what inspired each one of these designs and why we chose them to be part of this Motion Series.


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The C1 design is inspired by Japan expressway’s steep corners where there are Japanese characters to warn road users when coming to a bend. You can also catch a short glimpse of these expressway featured in the movie Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift where Sean was learning how to drift in his Red Evo 9.


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The Metro design is also based on Japan’s expressway. The word you see on the road 追突注意(Tsuitotsu Chūi) literally translates to Rear-end collision caution. The red lines are also supposed to let road users be aware that they should slow down in this area as there might be a risk of rear-end collision.


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Feel the rush of your diecast car and capture the moment of it crossing the finishing line in a race track! Adopting the design from our popular Race Track Start Line desktop diorama, we added a motion effect on it and clearly, it is even more lively compared to its original design. Remake the ever popular scene from Jackie Chan’s movie Thunderbolt where he races through the finish line with his GTO battling Cougar in his GTR 32!


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The widest highway in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong, the West Kowloon Freeway features Cantonese wording on its road and leading road users towards Hong Kong Island via the Western Harbour Crossing Tunnel or the Airport Express station via Tsim Sha Tsui. Put on your favourite Tiny diecasts that originates from this country, especially their local bus and taxi diecasts!


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The Marina Coastal Expressway is the tenth of Singapore’s network of expressways. The MCE, with five lanes in each direction, handles a large number of commuters to be drawn to the offices, homes and recreational attractions there. Find the replica diecast of your actual car and remake a scene of you on the way to work. Wait, better yet, on your way home on a Friday evening, TGIF!


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Based on the busiest highway located in our homeland, Singapore. We are delighted to feature a traffic island marking seen in most highway exits. Psh! We have yet to try it, but try making your own version of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s “See you again” scene with this filter island.


Share with us all your creative shots with our Motion Series once you’ve receive it after our pre-order closes. For those who have yet to order, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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