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IDE: Indonesia Diecasts Expo 23

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This year’s Indonesia Diecast Expo was one of the biggest diecast expos in South East Asia. Dream Customs went down to this event not as an exhibitor, but as a fellow collector attending the event, first of all, let’s talk about the 3 events exclusive cars that attracted all the collectors from all over Indonesia, and around the world to attend this event.

Firstly the event car by Mattel Hotwheels is a GTR 34 which was a highly sought-after casting for the Hotwheels line. This one specifically had only 200pcs available at the event, there’s no way you can get these at the retail price(1 million RP) they are selling if you did not attend the event as these will be selling like a hotcake on places like eBay, etc. At the time of writing this post, the price of this piece is already trading at ~1K USD for the mid numbers. Let us also talk more about the design of the exclusive, it comes in a plastic case just like any other RLC and with a holographic sticker with IDE logo as the background. The sides of the diecasts come with the Signature Hotwheels logo in red, IDE logo near the rear and a small Mattel logo nearing the front wheel fenders. Lastly, it comes with the huge “X” logo which comes from the IDE event, not really sure what the “X” represents, but, if you know do let us know in the comment section!

  • IDE 47 1
  • IDE 43 1
  • IDE 3 1
  • IDE 28 1
  • IDE 1
  • IDE 19
  • IDE 18
  • IDE 17
  • IDE 26 1
  • IDE 25 1
  • IDE 24 1
  • IDE 23 1
  • IDE 21 1
  • IDE 20 1
  • IDE 16 1
  • IDE 27 1

Next up we have Mini-GT x GarisiDRFT Monavolution S15 owned and driven by Dipo Dwiki! With Over 1.8Million Subscribers, Indonesia’s automobile YouTuber Dipo’s very own LBWK S15 with his YouTube signature GarasiDrift being part of the livery on this car is definitely one for everyone wishing to add to their list of collections, I was one of them. Displaying this piece on our Odaiba Driftpark will be a dessert for your eye looking at this diecast “in action” drifting on the D1GP track! Just imagine team GarasiDrift decides to bring their car over there! Coming back to IDE, it took us a whopping 3hours in the queue to get our hands on this awesome Mini-GT event exclusive, we actually took on the queue with an empty stomach and no caffeine input at all since the morning. It was dreading, but totally worth it! Mini-GT sells these diecasts in a set of:
– 3 random Mini-GTs
– 2 random Kaido House
– 1 IDE event exclusive LBWK x GarasiDrift S15
– Some Mini-GT stickers

For 1.1 million RP which is equivalent to about slightly under S$100, each person is limited to only buying 2 sets. We saw some diecast resellers bringing friends and family along to this trip to buy some extra sets to resell, therefore these are definitely selling for more than S$100 now if you did not manage to attend this event.

  • IDE 38
  • IDE 37
  • IDE 29
  • IDE 36
  • IDE 4
  • IDE 30

After getting our one, we headed down to GarasiDrift Booth, and luckily enough we managed to catch Dipo hanging out in his booth. As we grabbed some merch, we also managed to get Dipo to sign our S15! This piece is definitely going into our Shelf of Glory! (see the short video below of what is included in our Shelf of Glory) I gotta say that to actually see the actual car of the Diecast is a whole new experience on its own. Now we know why a lot of collectors approached our friend Customdiary to custom their actual car. Kudos to our customizers! 

  • IDE 14
  • IDE 13
  • IDE 12
  • IDE 11
  • IDE 10
  • IDE 9
  • IDE 7
  • IDE 8
  • IDE 5
  • IDE 31

Moving on we visited the Tarmac Works Booth and immediately saw a crowd queuing for the event-exclusive Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. We can’t wait to get our hands on this super-exclusive model as well! Immediately we swopped into action, grabbed those goodies before they were gone, and went for payment. This model came with a striking McDonald’s livery on the front and sides of the vehicle, and all the sponsors. It comes in the Ferrari’s signature Rosso Corsa and a slight white at the back which in my honest opinion thinks that it’s a very good contrast. The golden rims on the car are like a striking shoe a human wears and rolls down the street, you just can’t take your eyes off them. Lastly, of course, we can’t forget about the awesome GT-Wing on the back, which goes super well with this supercar!  We’re super honored to be able to meet founder & director, Felix of Tarmac Works himself! I managed to get him to sign our models as well talked to him and introduced our products to him as well. We’re humbled by his super humble personality and the fact that he took his time to talk to every single fan of his. 

All in all, I would say that IDE is one of the diecast events out there for all diecast fans to visit. One thing the event organizer can take note of is that foreigners visiting the event that does not have an Indonesian bank account couldn’t book the ticket for entry in advance. Also, we had to pay the guy who was in charge of Tokopedia in cash and he had to book for us using his own account for us to gain entry into the event. Nonetheless, I honestly recommend this event to all Singaporeans to come if they have the chance too, especially since the flight ticket to Jakarta is not that expensive and you can always take an extra few days to relax at the pubs and café around town! We will definitely be back for next year!