Dream Customs @ D’Hive

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Welcome to D’hive by Korei, Singapore’s very own diecast get-together place. A place where diecasts head can come together trade, show-off and talk about their personal collections at the comfortable setup in D’hive. This is the first time Singapore has a dedicated place for all diecasts enthusiasts to gather. 


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Bringing out the kid in you is their motto. Most of the collectors we know started collecting because they’ve somehow came across or have bought diecast car back when they were a kid. Reminiscing it, they slowly and unknowingly becomes an avid collectors. D’hive’s founder Edmund shared with us his vision of bringing all the diecasts enthusiasts and creators in this space he created, as he felt that there wasn’t a place dedicated for this hobby of ours, and therefore he needed to create one. Luckily we have the passionate people from Korei founding D’hive for collectors like you and I to come together.




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D’hive holds a variety brands of diecasts. Hotwheels, Tomica, Matchbox, Tarmac, Inno64 and many more! You name it, they have it. They also collab with local diecasts related businesses such as resellers and customisers and rented out space for them to sell and showcase or sell their products. You’ll be able to see exclusive customised pieces from all over the world to name a few would be the famous Christian Coujin which everyone is familiar with, Kromebandit from Malaysia and many more! You’ll also be able to see pieces of SG Diecast Expo collections from previous years.




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By now you should’ve know, we’re invited by D’hive to retail our products here at a place where most diecasts head will gather here in Singapore, and we’re very thankful to be given this opportunity to showcase our products over here at this epitome of diecasts gathering location. Psst, just a heads up, we will be displaying most of our upcoming products exclusively here at D’hive! You just might be able to see some of our exciting upcoming products before anyone else if you visit D’hive now. Not to worry, products sold here are priced the same as our online store. This is also a good place for you to visit if you’d like to have touch and feel the quality of our diorama, they definitely won’t disappoint you.




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You’ll also be able to see spot similarity to diecasts retailers in Japan displaying their tomicas on their display cabinet here at D’hive. Guess they’re trying to make you teleport to Japan from D’hive huh? Nice one people from Korei! It certainly does feel like I was in Japan when I was browsing through this section. Now I miss travelling.




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Talking about travelling, in midst of Phase 2 (enhanced) there is no eating and drinking in D’hive at the “hang-out” area FOR NOW till we defeat Covid. So, remember to be responsible, always mask up and maintain your SMM in D’hive. We can’t wait to be able to chill, snack and have some drinks while show off our collection here when we move into Phase 3 once again. Stay strong everybody and we’ll be able to have fun again soon!




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Last but not least, keep an eye out for this claw machine when you enter D’hive as Dailydiecastsg will be collaborating with many local brands with his claw machine located here at D’hive. They also have claw machine at Aperia Mall OFUN KIKO Arcade, 2 Kallang Ave, #01-08, Singapore 339509. So be sure to check them out at there too! See the lockers located beside the claw machine? Yes, you can now collect what you purchased from D’hive online after their retail hours at this lockers. This section will not be locked (or will  D’hive will provide Pins) for you to enter and collect the things you purchased anytime you like! And yes, claw machine will still be operating. So, remember to bring some coins with you and try your luck when collecting your products!


D’hive is definitely one the first to come out with this many initiative to bring diecasts head together, and we hope to see all of you here! 


D’hive Address: 5001 Beach Rd Golden Mile Complex #04-19 Singapore, Singapore 199588