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Dempsey Hill Carpark

Cars and Kopi

To those who are acquainted with Singapore car scene, be it JDM or Super car, or someone who is a café hopper, they would’ve definitely come to Dempsey Hill carpark at least once in their life time.

Located in the Southern part of Singapore, Dempsey Hill is filled with Restaurants and Cafes that car enthusiast would gather together to exchange information and also have a small talk over kopi (coffee in Singapore lingo).

They would call these casual car meets “Cars & Kopi”, often attracting photographers and car magazine journalist to be around the area just to catch a glimpse of these beautiful cars.

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To show our appreciation to this location, we have created a 1/64 version of this parking lot and allow diecast collectors to recreate the scenes of “Cars and Kopi” inside their house, on a Desktop.

There are diecast brands that are launching more Singapore-themed diecast cars that suits the taste of Singaporean collectors, our Dempsey Hill XL Desktop Diorama will definitely be an attractive mat to take photo with.

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Dimension: 900 x 400mm

Thickness: 4mm

Parking Lots: 46